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Our Products

Tamping Rammers

  • Weight: 63~80kg
  • Impact Force: 9.8~15.7kN
  • Foot Width: 250~280mm

High performance. Honda, Robin or Yanmar engine. German bellow. Great ergonomics. Easy operation.

Economic Plate Compactors

  • Weight: 53~95kg
  • Impact Force: 7~15kN
  • Plate Width: 470~680mm
  • Plate Length: 300~460mm

High performance. Honda engine. Durable. Easy operation.

Forward Plate Compactors

  • Weight: 95~98kg
  • Impact Force: 15~24kN
  • Plate Width: 530~590mm
  • Plate Length: 500mm

High performance. Honda engine. Durable. Aluminum oil lever and cover. Easy operation.

Reversible Plate Compactors

  • Weight: 80~450kg
  • Impact Force: 15~50kN
  • Plate Width: 480~900mm
  • Plate Length: 350~500mm

Heavy duty. Hydraulic direction system. Casting ductile iron plate and base. High performance.

Vibratory Rollers

  • Weight: 180~1,130kg
  • Roller Width: 580~900mm
  • Speed: 40~125m/min
  • Impact Force: 13~28.5kN

High performance. Heavy duty. Hydraulic direction system.

Floor Saws

  • Max Cutting Depth: 120~189mm
  • Blade Size: 10~20"
  • Output Power: 4~9.6kW

Easy to transport. High performance. Low vibration. Easy maintenance.

Power Trowels

  • Working Diameter: 610~1,200mm

High performance. Easy maintenance. Easy to transport. Safety handles.


Different length choices. Long lifespan. High performance. Low vibration. Honda engine.


  • Brick saws
  • Trash pumps
  • Power stations

CIMAR also has other tools that will assist your job on a worksite.

Who We Are

B.D.X. Machinery Ltd is a leading professional Light Construction Machinery manufacturer, based in the capital of China, Beijing. Established in 2001, we focus on product development, design, manufacture, and marketing. Our brand, CIMAR, is registered in more than 50 countries. We pride ourselves on offering reliable quality, excellent service, and hi-tech innovation to our clients. Our product range includes Compaction Products, Concrete Products, and Worksite Products.

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