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  • High Performance
  • Long Lifespan
  • Different length choices
  • Whole Piece Truss Unit



The CIMAR Ultra-Flat Screed is a highly advanced tool that has undergone numerous improvements to deliver exceptional performance. Equipped with an original Honda engine, specifically the CZL6-12A model, this screed ensures stable and reliable operation, allowing you to complete your assignments with confidence.

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  • Each operator holds a crank to control each side of the winch, enabling precise travel control
  • Spray-paint and steel truss construction provide corrosion resistance and vibration dampening for enhanced durability
  • Eccentric weights strategically located near the shaft bearings to prevent shaft whip and prolong bearing life
  • Redundancy belt is included with the machine, allowing for easy belt replacement without the need to disassemble the truss

Experience the cutting-edge technology and superior performance of the CIMAR Ultra-Flat Screed. With its innovative features and robust construction, this screed ensures exceptional flatness and precision in concrete finishing. Invest in the CZL6-12A model today and achieve outstanding results for your projects!


Engine Type Honda GX270
Vibration Frequency v.p.m. 3600
Choice of Truss Dimension m 2.25/1.50
Choice of length m 4.5/6.0/7.5/9.0/10.5/12
Max. Traveling Speed m/min 1.2-2.5
Vibration Force N 120
Vibration Depth mm 200


  • Holding Crank

  • Redundant Belt

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