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430kg Reversible Plate Compactor


50kNImpact Force
900x500mmPlate Size



  • High Performance
  • Heavy Duty
  • Hydraulic Direction System
  • Casting Ductile Iron Plate And Base



The CPC-405 is a large-sized reversible plate compactor designed for exceptional compaction and high efficiency in large areas and patching conditions. It is compatible with both petrol and diesel engines, offering flexibility for various applications. The optional extension plate allows for an enlarged base, further enhancing efficiency.

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  • The hydraulic direction mechanism enables forward, backward, and on-spot compaction for optimal versatility.
  • The throttle lever is made of durable casting aluminum, ensuring longevity and operator comfort.
  • The closed-style frame provides excellent protection for the engine, while the hook facilitates easy transportation.
  • The casting aluminum belt cover efficiently dissipates heat, extending the lifespan of the engine and clutch. It also effectively prevents the ingress of sand, soil, and dust.
  • Equipped with a high-quality shock absorber, the CPC-405 effectively absorbs vibrations, providing a comfortable working experience for the operator.
  • The base is constructed from ductile iron, ensuring exceptional durability and strength.
  • The diesel engine variant features an electric switch, improving operational efficiency by simplifying the starting process.
  • For diesel engine models, the sealed battery design offers reliable protection and performance.
  • The optional extension plate, weighing 12kg, enables the enlargement of the base, further enhancing compaction efficiency.
  • The CPC-405 can be equipped with a rubber mat for specialized brick compaction needs.


Engine Type Honda GX390
Max. Power Output kW(ps) 9.6(13)
Weight Kg 430
Dimension L (mm) 1610
W (mm) 500
H (mm) 930
Plate Size L (mm) 900
W (mm) 500
Vibration Frequency Hz(vpm) 73(4400)
Centrifugal Force kN(kgf) 50(5100)
Max.Traveling Speed(Depending on materials) m/min 23
Limited Gradient % 30%


  • Hydraulic System

  • Aluminum Throttle Lever

  • Closed Frame

  • Electric Switch

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