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Classical Forward Plate Compactor


15kNImpact Force
530x500mmPlate Size



  • High Performance
  • Durability
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Honda GX160 Engine



The CPC-95, a classic plate compactor from CIMAR, is a highly trusted product renowned for its original technology and reliability.

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Equipped with a throttle lever made of durable and comfortable Casting Aluminum, the CPC-95 ensures precise control and ease of use for operators.

The closed-style frame of the CPC-95 provides excellent engine protection, with the hook cleverly concealed within the frame structure.

For asphalt work, the CPC-95 offers the option of a water tank. The tank is securely locked to prevent theft or unauthorized access.

A casting aluminum belt cover not only aids in cooling but also enhances the longevity of the engine and clutch. It effectively prevents the infiltration of sand, soil, and dust.

Featuring high-quality shock absorbers, the CPC-95 minimizes vibrations, delivering a comfortable operating experience for the operator.

With convenient wheels, the CPC-95 is easy to transport, ensuring hassle-free mobility on the job site.

The CPC-95 boasts a robust and durable base made of ductile iron, providing exceptional strength and durability for long-term use.

For specific brick applications, an optional rubber mat is available, allowing the plate compactor to efficiently compact bricks.


Engine Type Honda GX160
Max. Power Output kW(ps) 4.4
Weight Kg 95
Dimension L (mm) 1100
W (mm) 500
H (mm) 830
Plate Size L (mm) 530
W (mm) 500
Vibration Frequency Hz(vpm) 100(6000)
Centrifugal Force kN(kgf) 15(1530)
Max.Traveling Speed m/min 25
(Depending on materials)
Limited Gradient % 35%


  • Aluminum Throttle Lever

  • Closed Frame

  • Rubber Mat

  • Wheels

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