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Second Generation Forward Plate Compactor


24kNImpact Force
590x500mmPlate Size



  • High Performance
  • Durability
  • Casting Aluminum Oil Lever and Belt Cover
  • Honda GX160 Engine



The CPC-1550 is a second-generation forward plate compactor designed with compactness and ergonomics in mind. It delivers the same level of performance and quality as CIMAR's classical products.

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  • Featuring a professional design, the CPC-1550 ensures compactness and efficiency.
  • Its base plate is constructed from sturdy and durable ductile iron.
  • The inclusion of a spray system with a 9.4L water tank makes it ideal for use on asphalt and special worksites.
  • An integrated belt cover not only adds to its attractive appearance but also enhances durability.
  • Equipped with a shock absorber on the engine plate and a special anti-vibration design on the handle, operators experience enhanced comfort and improved control during work.
  • Four handles on the base plate make manual lifting easier and more convenient.
  • Customization is possible with optional models of throttle lever available for selection.
  • The integrated wheel system enables convenient short-distance transportation.
  • The CPC-1550 is designed with a folded handle and wheel system, ensuring easy and hassle-free transportation.


Engine Type Honda GX160
Weight Kg 98
Dimension L (mm) 980
W (mm) 500
H (mm) 930
Plate Size L (mm) 590
W (mm) 500
Vibration Frequency Hz(vpm) 100(6000)
Centrifugal Force kN(kgf) 24(2450)
Max.Traveling Speed m/min 23
(Depending on materials)
Limited Gradient % 35%
Max. Power Ouput kW(ps) 4(5.5)


  • Aluminum Throttle Lever

  • Closed Frame

  • Wheels

  • Rubber Mat

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