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Double Drum Gasoline Roller


650mmRoller Width
13kNImpact Force



  • High Performance
  • Heavy Duty
  • Hydraulic Direction System



The CDR-700 CIMAR Walk-Behind Roller is a robust and reliable compaction solution driven by a full-hydraulic driving system. It offers the flexibility to choose between a petrol or diesel original engine and has a weight of over 700kg. With its strong and stable driving system, the CDR-700 is the ideal choice for your compaction needs.

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  • Hydraulic-Drive System: The hydraulic-drive system, comprising hydraulic pump and hydraulic motors, provides infinitely variable working speed for travel and vibration. This eliminates the need for regular maintenance and adjustments typically required by chain-driven rollers.
  • Dual Smooth Drums with Beveled Edges: The CDR-700 features dual smooth drums with beveled edges, allowing for effective compaction of both asphalt and granular materials. This versatility enhances job performance.
  • Mechanical Parking Brake: The roller is equipped with a mechanical parking brake for safe operation and secure parking.
  • Roller Brake Unit: The roller brake unit enables the machine to operate on slopes with a gradient lower than 30%, ensuring stability during operation.
  • Large Rubber Shock Mounts: The inclusion of large rubber shock mounts absorbs vibration and shock, reducing wear on the upper components of the roller and minimizing operator fatigue.
  • Electric Starter with Diesel Engine: The roller features an electric starter when equipped with a diesel engine, providing easy starting and efficient operation.
  • 60 Liters Water Tank: The roller is equipped with a 60-liter water tank, along with a removable anti-corrosive water sprinkler system. This allows for uniform watering across the entire drum surface, facilitating optimal compaction.
  • Unique CLUTCH/PUMP Drive System: The unique clutch/pump drive system enables easy cold weather starting and allows for no-load starting of the engine, enhancing convenience and efficiency.


Engine Type Honda GX390
Max. Output Power kW(PS) 8.5 (13)
Dimension L(mm) 2,550
W(mm) 700
H(mm) 1,250
Weight kg 740
Roller Length mm 650
Roller Diameter mm 420
Vibration Frequency Hz(v.p.m.) 55 (3300)
Centrifugal Force kN 13
Max.Traveling Speed
(Depending on materials)
m/min 60
Limited Gradient % 40
Water Tank Capacity L 30


  • Dual Smooth Drums

  • Roller Brake Unit

  • Electric Starter

  • CLUTCH/PUMP Drive System

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