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Electirc Motor Floor Scarifier


200mmWorking Width
1-3mmWorking Depth



  • High Performance
  • Coating removal
  • Floor preparation or cleaning
  • Creating non-slip surface
  • Traffic marking removal Concrete joints and uneven
  • Surface grinding



The CIMAR CES-200E Floor Scarifier is a versatile and reliable tool designed for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to repair sidewalks, remove coatings, prepare or clean floors, create non-slip surfaces, remove traffic markings, grind concrete joints, or even out uneven surfaces, the CES-200 has you covered.

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  • Cutting depth adjustment allows for precise control and customization of the scarifying depth, ensuring optimal results for different applications
  • The strong handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, allowing operators to maintain control and maneuverability during operation
  • The front mounting lifting handle facilitates easy transportation of the scarifier, making it convenient to move between job sites
  • Anti-vibration mounts reduce operator fatigue and enhance comfort during prolonged use, ensuring a more pleasant working experience
  • The powder-coated finish enhances durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring the scarifier can withstand tough working conditions
  • A dust control outlet is included to help minimize dust during operation, providing a cleaner and healthier work environment
  • The easy-control engine stop switch allows for quick and convenient shutdown of the machine, ensuring safe operation and efficient workflow
  • Sealed bearings are used to prolong the lifespan of the scarifier, providing reliable performance and minimizing maintenance requirements


Model CES-200E
Engine Type ABLE Electric Motor
Max. Output Power kW(PS) 230V 50Hz 1.5kW
Weight Kg 58
Dimension L (mm) 890
W (mm) 360
H (mm) 920
Working Width mm 200(8")
Working Depth mm 1~3
Performance (㎡/h) 66
Option of Cutter asphalt, concrete
Shaft No. 4


  • Sealed Bearing

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