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Electric Motor Brick Saw


10-14inchBlade Size
800mmCutting Length
2.2kWOutput Power



  • High Performance
  • Multiple angle cutting
  • Water pump assistants
  • Easy to Transport
  • Both gasoline and electric motorl



The CIMAR Electric Motor Brick Saw CBC-142 is a versatile and efficient tool designed for precise cutting of bricks, stones, concrete blocks, and porcelain gres. Powered by a robust electric motor, this brick saw offers reliable performance and exceptional cutting capabilities.

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  • The sliding working table allows for smooth and precise cutting, while the cutting head can be tilted to achieve different cutting angles. This flexibility ensures accurate cuts for various applications.
  • The CBC-142 Brick Saw is compatible with 12" or 14" blades, allowing for versatile cutting options based on your specific needs.
  • With its powerful single-phase engine, rated at 230V and 50Hz, delivering 3Hp/2.2Kw, this brick saw provides efficient cutting performance. The engine is equipped with thermal and amperometric protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation. The switch features a release coil, and the overheat protection comes with a manual reset function.
  • A water recycling pump is integrated into the brick saw to cool down the machine and prevent dust accumulation, resulting in cleaner cuts and extended blade life.
  • The brick saw is equipped with registrable nylon wheels with ball bearings, ensuring smooth and effortless sliding during operation, enhancing user experience and cutting precision.
  • The quick installation feet and folded wheels make storage and transportation of the brick saw convenient and hassle-free, allowing for easy mobility between job sites.


Dimension L: 1150mm
W: 660mm
H: 650mm
Blade Size 305mm(12")
Cutting Thickness 90°: 80-125mm
45°: 60-80mm
Cutting Length 800mm
Power 2.2kW(3HP)/9A

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