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6 Inch Early Entry Saw


Max. 38.1mmCutting Depth
6.5inchBlade Size
2.5kWOutput Power



  • Green cutter
  • Fully Aluminum Parts
  • Closed Blade Cover



The CGC-06 Concrete Cutter is a versatile and efficient cutting tool designed to help you save time and effort on your concrete cutting projects. With its lightweight construction and polyurethane wheels, you can start cutting within just two hours of finishing your concrete work, minimizing waiting time and maximizing productivity.

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  • Shallow cutting depths reduce the risk of random cracks and ensure precision cutting
  • Enclosed blade cover effectively reduces dust diffusion and promotes a safe working environment
  • Easy to transport and store with its foldable handle
  • Clear depth indicator for accurate cutting depth adjustments
  • Vac port on blade cover (optional) for even cleaner work environment

Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the CGC-06 Concrete Cutter is the perfect choice for your concrete cutting needs. Order now and experience the convenience and efficiency of cutting concrete on the same day!


Dimensions 1730x485x850mm
Weight 40kg
Blade Size 165mm(6.5")
Max. Cutting Depth 38.1mm
Depth Adjustment Manual
Self-Propel No
Guide Releasing Manual
Engine Honda GX120
Output Power 2.5kW(3.5HP)

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