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Economic 20" Floor Saw


Max. 170mmCutting Depth
12-20inchBlade Size
9.6kWOutput Power



  • Economic
  • Stable Performance
  • Self-propell



The CFC-20 Self-Propell Floor Cutter is a versatile and reliable machine designed for efficient cutting of various materials. With its 20" saw blade size, it offers flexibility for different cutting requirements.

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  • Convenient Throttle Lever: The throttle lever located on the handle ensures convenient operation and easy control of the cutting speed.
  • Height Adjustable Handle: The handle of the CFC-20 is height adjustable, making it suitable for operators of different heights, ensuring comfortable and ergonomic operation.
  • Large Water Tank: The 40L water tank provides an ample water supply for cooling the blade during cutting, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan of the blade.
  • Semi-Automatic Travel: The CFC-20 features a semi-automatic travel mechanism through a worm drive, allowing for smooth and consistent movement during cutting operations.
  • Precise Cutting Depth: The handle rotation unit enables precise adjustment of the cutting depth, ensuring accurate and desired results.
  • Durable Frame: The floor cutter is built with a sturdy frame made of 5mm thick steel pipe, providing durability, optimal weight distribution, and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Metal Belt Cover: The inclusion of a metal belt cover contributes to the longevity of the clutch and engine, offering protection and extending their lifespan.


Engine Type Honda GX390
Max. Output Power 9.6(13.0)
Weight Kg 200
Dimension L (mm) 1800
W (mm) 550
H (mm) 1050
Choice of Saw blade Size mm(inch) 254(10") - 500(20")
Depth Adjustment Handle Rotation
Driving Semi-Automatic
Water Tank Capacity L 40


  • Semi-Automatic

  • Metal Belt Cover

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