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Great 18" Floor Saw


Max. 162/187mmCutting Depth
12-20inchBlade Size
9.6kWOutput Power



  • Easy to Transport
  • High Performance
  • Low Vibration
  • Easy to maintenance



The CIMAR CFC-18 Floor Cutter is a reliable and high-performing machine designed for various cutting applications. Its blade transmission system ensures anti-vibration properties and excellent cutting performance. The rational weight distribution enhances the stability and smooth movement of the machine, making it an ideal choice for small road repair jobs in concrete or asphalt with a cutting depth of up to 160mm. The CFC-18 is compatible with 10-18" saw blades, providing versatility for different cutting needs.

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  • Productive and Robust: The CFC-18 offers excellent weight distribution and stability, resulting in productive and efficient cutting operations.
  • Depth Indicator: The depth indicator enables easy control of cutting depth, allowing for precision in various applications.
  • Adjustable and Foldable Handle: The cutter provides a closer and more comfortable position to the cutting side, facilitating easier alignment and straighter cuts. The handle can be folded for convenient transportation.
  • Quick Water Hose Connection: The blade guard features a quick connection for the water hose, enabling easy setup without the need for tools.
  • Spring Assistance System: The spring assistance system enhances operator comfort during operation, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.
  • Full Opening Saw Cover: The full opening saw cover allows for easy assembly and disassembly of the saw, simplifying maintenance and blade replacement.


Engine Type Honda GX390
Max. Output Power 9.6(13.0)
Weight Kg 102
Dimension L (mm) 1150
W (mm) 590
H (mm) 940
Choice of Saw blade Size mm(inch) 300(12") - 450(18")
Depth Adjustment Handle Rotation
Driving Manual Push
Water Tank Capacity L 30


  • Easy Operation

  • Quick Water Connection

  • Spring Assistance System

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