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CIMAR Second Generation Tamping Rammer


12.7kNImpact Force
280mmFoot Width



  • High Performance
  • Honda GX100 or GXR120 Engine
  • Great ergonomics
  • Easy to maneuver



Introducing the CT-65P-2A, the second generation of CIMAR Tamping Rammer designed to enhance operator efficiency and provide utmost comfort.

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Equipped with a Honda GX100/GXR 120 engine that meets stringent emissions requirements, the CT-65P-2A ensures optimal performance while adhering to environmental standards. The guide handle features adjustable height, catering to operators of all sizes, while its vibration-isolated feature maximizes comfort during operation.

Notably, the CT-65P-2A offers a cyclone pre-filter, extending the lifespan of the filter by up to 5 times. This innovative feature contributes to reduced maintenance and cost savings. The rammer is also equipped with a double-stage fuel filter and a fuel tank cap with ventilation and deaeration, preventing fuel spills and ensuring smooth refueling.

Featuring an optimized multi-functional throttle lever, the CT-65P-2A offers ease of operation and ensures the engine's longevity. With positions like O-Stop for automatic system shutdown, I-Idle speed for electric system activation and engine start, and 2-Full speed for optimal RPM during operation, the lever provides precise control and convenience.

The CT-65P-2A incorporates a PA foot assembly for stability and durability. Its high-quality components and protective casings enable the machine to withstand even the harshest conditions, ensuring continuous operation without compromising performance. Choose the CT-65P-2A for exceptional productivity and reliability in your compacting tasks.


Engine Type Honda GX100 Honda GXR120
Max. Power Output kW(ps) 2.1(2.8) 2.6(3.5)
Weight (Kg) 66 76
Dimension L (mm) 740 740
W (mm) 365 365
H (mm) 1035 1035
Plate Size L (mm) 330 330
W (mm) 280 280
Jump Stroke (mm) 65 65
Max. Impact Force kN(kgf) 12.7(1300) 13.7(1400)
Impact Frequency (Num./min) 640-680 640-680
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 2 2


  • Honda GX100/GXR120 Engine

  • Cyclone Pre-Filter

  • Multi-Functional Throttle Lever

  • PA Foot Assembly

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