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Robin Engine Tamping Rammer


13.7kNImpact Force
280mmFoot Width



  • High Performance
  • Robin EH12 Engine
  • Germany Bellow
  • Multiple Stages Fuel Filter and Air Filter



The CT-73P-2A is a versatile midsize option in the CIMAR Tamping Rammer range, equipped with a powerful impact force suitable for any work environment.

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Featuring a 4-cycle Robin EH12-2D engine specifically designed for Tamping Rammers, the CT-73P-2A ensures convenience and ease of use.

The throttle lever, made of durable Casting Aluminum, enhances both longevity and operator comfort, providing a reliable and comfortable grip during operation.

An additional big air cleaner integrated into the crankcase, combined with the original engine air element, forms a two-stage air cleaner system. This innovative design significantly prolongs the engine's lifespan, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

With a two-stage oil filter system located in the fuel tank, the CT-73P-2A promotes a longer lifespan for the carburetor by effectively filtering impurities and contaminants.

Choose from two different designs available for the oil tank, providing flexibility and customization options based on your preferences.

Designed with a high-quality shock absorber, the CT-73P-2A efficiently absorbs vibrations, ensuring operator comfort and reduced fatigue during use.

The polyurethane bellow, made in Germany, guarantees durability and reliability, contributing to the overall robustness of the rammer.

With its foot assembly made of steel plate and wooden insert, the CT-73P-2A provides stability and durability, making it a reliable choice for your compaction needs.


Engine Type Robin EH12-2D
Max. Power Output kW(ps) 2.6(3.5)
Weight Kg 73
Dimension L (mm) 720
W (mm) 415
H (mm) 1045
Plate Size L (mm) 300
W (mm) 280
Jump Stroke mm 50-75
Max. Impact Force kN(kgf) 13.7(1400)
Impact Frequency Num./min 640-680
Fuel Tank Capacity L 2


  • Robin Eh12-2D Engine

  • Casting Aluminum Throttle Lever

  • Additional Big Air Cleaner

  • German Bellow

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