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Diesel Tamping Rammer


15.7kNImpact Force
280mmFoot Width



  • High Performance
  • Yanmar L48 Engine
  • Germany Bellow
  • Durability



The CT-78D is equipped with an original Yanmar diesel engine, ensuring robust and reliable performance that sets it apart from other rammers. Its powerful impact force makes it a standout choice in the market.

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Featuring a 4-cycle Yanmar diesel engine specifically designed for Tamping Rammers, the CT-78D delivers exceptional power and durability.

The throttle lever, made of durable Casting Aluminum, provides enhanced longevity and operator comfort, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip during operation.

With an additional big air cleaner integrated into the crankcase, combined with the original engine air element, the CT-78D boasts a two-stage air cleaner system. This innovative design significantly extends the engine's lifespan, promoting long-term performance and reliability.

A two-stage oil filter system located in the fuel tank further enhances the longevity of the carburetor by effectively filtering impurities and contaminants.

Equipped with a high-quality shock absorber, the CT-78D efficiently absorbs vibrations, providing operators with a comfortable working experience.

Manufactured in Germany, the polyurethane bellow ensures durability and reliability, contributing to the overall sturdiness of the rammer.

The foot assembly, made of steel plate with a wooden insert, offers stability and durability, making the CT-78D a dependable choice for your compaction needs.


Engine Type Yanmar L48
Max. Power Output kW(ps) 3.1(4.2)
Weight Kg 80
Dimension L (mm) 720
W (mm) 415
H (mm) 1045
Plate Size L (mm) 300
W (mm) 280
Jump Stroke mm 50-75
Max. Impact Force kN(kgf) 15.7(1600)
Impact Frequency Num./min 640-680
Fuel Tank Capacity L 2.5


  • Yanmar Diesel Engine

  • Casting Aluminum Throttle Lever

  • Additional Big Air Cleaner

  • German Bellow

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